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In the fast-paced world of online slots, players are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Enter Galaxsys, a rising star in the iGaming industry that’s been making waves with its innovative and engaging slot games. 

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting game provider and what makes their slots stand out from the crowd.

Galaxsys Slots Reviewed

Before we dive into the details of Galaxsys, here are some of their most popular slots which our industry experts have reviewed. Click on any title for a full description and demo of the game.

About Galaxsys

Galaxsys is a relatively new player in the online slots market, having been founded in 2021. Despite its short history, the company has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its focus on creating high-quality, fast-paced games that keep players coming back for more.

In just a few short years, Galaxsys has achieved some impressive milestones, including:

  • Developing a portfolio of over 30 games
  • Partnering with more than 150 operators worldwide
  • Supporting over 170 currencies
  • Winning multiple industry awards

Logo of Galaxsys slots provider

Galaxsys’ Approach to Game Development

One of the key aspects of Galaxsys’ game development philosophy is their focus on innovation. The company is constantly experimenting with new themes, mechanics, and features that have never been seen before.

At the same time, Galaxsys is dedicated to delivering the highest quality games possible. Every slot in their portfolio is developed with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that players have a smooth, seamless, and enjoyable experience every time they spin the reels.

Skill Games

One of the areas where Galaxsys really shines is in their skill-based games. These are games that require a certain level of skill and strategy to play, rather than relying solely on luck.

Some of the most popular skill games in Galaxsys’ portfolio include:

  • Hokm: A traditional Persian card game that’s similar to Bridge or Spades. Players must use their skills and strategy to win tricks and score points.
  • Dominoes: A classic tile-based game that requires players to match the numbers on their tiles to those on the board. The first player to get rid of all their tiles wins.

These skill games are a great option for players who want a bit more of a challenge than traditional slots, and who enjoy the feeling of outsmarting their opponents.

Fast Games

In addition to skill games, Galaxsys is also known for their fast-paced, action-packed games that deliver instant gratification and exciting gameplay.

Some of the most popular fast games in their portfolio include:

  • Crash: A classic multiplayer game where players place their bets and watch a rocket ship take off. The longer they stay in the game, the higher their potential payout – but if the rocket crashes, they lose everything.
  • Rocketon: A space-themed game where players bet on a rocket ship as it blasts off into space. The higher the rocket goes, the bigger the potential payout.
  • Cash Show: A live game show where players compete against each other to win real cash prizes. The game is hosted by a live presenter and features a variety of mini-games and challenges.

These fast games are perfect for players who want a quick burst of excitement and the chance to win big payouts in a short amount of time.

Unique Features of Galaxsys Slots

Galaxsys slots are packed with unique features. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Multi-currency support: Galaxsys slots support over 170 different currencies, making them accessible to players from all around the world.
  • Design customization options: Operators can customize the design of Galaxsys slots to match their brand and website, creating a seamless experience for players.
  • Guest Mode: This feature allows players to observe gameplay without actually placing any bets, giving them a chance to learn the rules and strategies before risking any real money.
  • In-game features: Many Galaxsys slots come with unique in-game features, such as the Freezing Bonus in Ninja Crash, which guarantees a win, and the Combo Bonus Feature, which awards extra prizes for completing certain tasks.

Galaxsys has a growing portfolio of slot games, but some of their most popular titles include:

Ninja Crash

Ninja Crash is a fast-paced game that combines the excitement of crash games with the thrill of slicing through cakes to reveal hidden multipliers. 

Players place their bets and then slice through the cakes as they appear on the screen. Each slice reveals a multiplier that increases the potential payout.

The game also features a unique Freezing Bonus that guarantees a win, as well as a Combo Bonus Feature that awards extra prizes for slicing multiple cakes in a row. 

With an RTP of 97-99%, Ninja Crash is a high-paying game that’s sure to keep players entertained.


Crasher is another exciting crash game from Galaxsys, this time with a construction theme. Players place their bets and then watch as a demolition hammer swings down to create cracks in the ground. The longer they stay in the game, the higher their potential payout, but if the hammer hits the ground, the game is over.

One unique feature of Crasher is the “50% Cashout” option, which allows players to cash out half of their winnings while keeping the other half in play. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game and gives players more control over their potential payouts.

Hi Lo

Hi Lo is a simple yet engaging card game that challenges players to guess whether the next card in the sequence will be higher or lower than the previous one. The longer the player can keep their streak going, the higher their potential payout.

What makes Hi Lo stand out is its flexibility. Players can join the game at any time, rather than having to wait for a new round to start. This keeps the action moving and ensures that there’s always something exciting happening on the screen.

screenshot of Galaxsys games on their website

Galaxsys’ Mobile-First Approach

Galaxsys uses HTML5 technology to ensure that their games are fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

All of Galaxsys’ games are designed with mobile play in mind, with intuitive touchscreen controls and layouts that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and orientations. Whether players prefer to play in portrait or landscape mode, they can enjoy the same high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay on their mobile devices as they would on a desktop computer.

Galaxsys’ Commitment to Fair Play and Security

As with any online slot provider, players want to know that the games they’re playing are fair and secure. Galaxsys takes this responsibility seriously, using a variety of measures to ensure the integrity of their games.

All of Galaxsys’ games are provably fair, meaning that players can verify the fairness of each outcome using a cryptographic hash function. This gives players peace of mind knowing that the games are not rigged or manipulated in any way.

The company is also licensed and certified by reputable gaming authorities, ensuring that their games meet the highest standards of fairness and security.

Partnerships and Integrations

Galaxsys has quickly become a sought-after partner for online casinos and gaming platforms around the world. The company offers a seamless API integration that allows operators to easily add Galaxsys games to their existing platforms.

With over 30 games available through a single integration, operators can quickly expand their game offerings and provide players with a diverse selection of high-quality slots and skill games.

To date, Galaxsys has partnered with over 150 operators worldwide, including notable names like SoftGamings and NuxGame. These partnerships have helped to expand Galaxsys’ reach and bring their innovative games to players in new markets around the globe.

Galaxsys’ Accolades and Recognition

Despite being a relatively new player in the iGaming industry, Galaxsys has already earned numerous accolades and awards for their innovative and high-quality games. Some of their most notable achievements include:

  • “Fast Games Provider of the Year” at the SiGMA Europe Awards 2022
  • “Game Innovation of the Year” at the Starlet Awards 2022
  • “Innovative Product” at the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards 2022
  • “Industry Rising Star” at the SiGMA Eurasia Awards 2023
  • “Crash Games Supplier of the Year” at the Starlet Awards 2023
  • “Best Fast Game of the Year” (Ninja Crash) at the Romanian Gambling Industry Grand Awards 2023

These awards are a testament to Galaxsys’ commitment to innovation and quality in the online slots industry, and a sign of great things to come from this rising star in the iGaming world.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Galaxsys Slots


Their unique and engaging game concepts: From the fast-paced action of Ninja Crash to the strategic gameplay of Hokm, Galaxsys games offer players something fresh and exciting that they won’t find anywhere else.

Commitment to fair play and security: All of Galaxsys’ games are provably fair, meaning that players can verify the fairness of each outcome using a cryptographic hash function. The company also uses state-of-the-art encryption technology and firewalls to protect player data and transactions.

Galaxsys’ mobile-first approach: All of their games are designed with mobile play in mind, using HTML5 technology to ensure seamless compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. 

Multi-currency options: With support for over 170 currencies and multiple languages, Galaxsys games are accessible to a wide range of players, regardless of their location or language preferences.

Their range of promotional tools for operators: These include leaderboards, bonuses, and free bets. These tools can help operators to attract and retain players, while also adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the gaming experience.


Limited selection of traditional slot games: While Galaxsys offers a range of innovative skill games and fast-paced titles, players who prefer classic slots may find the selection somewhat lacking.

Relatively new player in the iGaming market: While the company has certainly made a splash with their innovative games and impressive partnerships, they may still have some work to do in terms of building brand recognition and trust among players.

Some of Galaxsys’ games may have a steeper learning curve than traditional slots: While this can be a positive for players who enjoy a challenge, it may be a barrier to entry for more casual players who prefer simpler, more straightforward gameplay.

Final Verdict on Galaxsys as a Slots Provider

So, what’s the final verdict on Galaxsys as a slots provider? Based on our analysis, it’s clear that this company has a lot to offer players who are looking for something new and exciting in the world of online slots.

Galaxsys’ unique selling points include their innovative game concepts, commitment to fair play and security, mobile-first approach, and multilingual support. These features set Galaxsys apart from many other slot providers in the market, and make their games an attractive option for players around the world.

When compared to other providers, Galaxsys slots offer a fresh and engaging alternative to traditional slots gameplay. While they may not have the same brand recognition as some of the more established names in the industry, they more than make up for it with their creativity and innovation.

For players who are seeking fast-paced, skill-based games that offer a new level of excitement and challenge, Galaxsys is definitely worth checking out. 

With a growing portfolio of titles that are designed to keep players on the edge of their seats, this provider is sure to appeal to a wide range of players.

If you’re looking for more options of slots, you can see more of our Game Provider Reviews here.


Are Galaxsys slots provably fair?

Yes, all of Galaxsys’ games are provably fair. The company uses a cryptographic hash function to ensure that each outcome can be independently verified by players, providing an extra layer of transparency and security.

Can I play Galaxsys games on mobile devices?

Yes, all of Galaxsys’ games are fully compatible with mobile devices. The company uses HTML5 technology to ensure that their games can be played seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, without the need for any additional downloads or plugins.

What types of games does Galaxsys offer?

Some of the main categories of games in Galaxsys portfolio include:

  • Skill Games: These games require a certain level of skill and strategy to play, and include titles like Hokm, Dominoes, and Belote.
  • Fast Games: These games are designed for quick, adrenaline-pumping action, and include titles like Crash, Rocketon, and Dice.

In addition to these main categories, Galaxsys also offers a selection of other games, including Mines, Plinko, and more. 

Are Galaxsys games available in multiple languages?

Yes, Galaxsys offers multilingual support for their games, making them accessible to players from around the world. The company’s games are available in a range of languages, including English. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Rus


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