Colossal Splash Ink & Win Demo and Review

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Light & Wonder, the renowned online slots provider, is set to release “Colossal Splash Ink & Win” on July 31, 2024.

This underwater-themed game promises a thrilling experience with its unique features and impressive win potential. Let’s take a closer look at what this slot has to offer.

Colossal Splash Ink & Win Slot poster

Colossal Splash Ink & Win Overview

Here’s a quick overview of Colossal Splash Ink & Win’s main features:

Colossal Splash Ink & Win Demo

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Colossal Splash Ink & Win Gameplay

Colossal Splash Ink & Win takes you on an underwater adventure with its 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game’s aquatic theme is brought to life with vibrant graphics and engaging animations. But what really makes this slot stand out are its unique features.

Colossal Mystery Symbol

At any point during the game, you might see an octopus appear on the screen. This isn’t just for show – the octopus drops a Colossal Ink Mystery symbol that can cover anywhere from 1×3 up to 3×3 positions on reels 2, 3, and 4. When the reels stop spinning, this symbol reveals either the same symbol throughout or a combination of Value Fish symbols during the Colossal Free Spins feature.

Colossal Free Spins

Landing 3 to 5 Bonus symbols will trigger the Colossal Free Spins feature, awarding you with 8 to 12 free spins. During this feature, the Colossal Mystery Symbol appears more frequently, increasing your chances of landing big wins.

Ink & Win Feature

The real excitement kicks in with the Ink & Win feature. This is triggered when you land 3 or more Value Fish scatter symbols on different reels during the Colossal Free Spins. The feature starts with 3 lives, and each Fish symbol that lands is locked in place, resetting the lives to 3. The feature ends when 3 spins occur without a Fish symbol landing. Your total winnings from this feature are the sum of all Fish values on the reels.

Colossal Splash Ink & Win slot screenshot on mobile

Symbols and Special Features

Colossal Splash Ink & Win introduces several special symbols that add to the gameplay:

  • Value Fish: These act as scatters in Free Spins to trigger the Ink & Win feature.
  • Collect Fish: This symbol adds up all current Ink & Win reel values and displays the total.
  • Add Fish: This symbol displays a random value and adds the current bet to all other values.
  • Inked Hot Zones: When all these are filled, the Octopus lands, removes Inked Fish, and collects their values, doubling its own value.

RTP and Betting Range

One interesting aspect of Colossal Splash Ink & Win is its multiple RTP (Return to Player) versions. The game comes in four different RTP settings: 90%, 92%, 94%, and 96%. This variety allows casinos to choose the version that best fits their needs, but as a player, you should always aim for the highest RTP available for the best long-term returns.

The betting range is quite flexible, starting from a minimum bet of 0.1 and going up to a maximum of 20. This wide range makes the game accessible to both casual players and high rollers.

Max Win Potential

If you’re looking for big win potential, Colossal Splash Ink & Win doesn’t disappoint. The game offers a maximum win of 18,183x your bet. This impressive multiplier puts it in the league of some of the most rewarding slots out there.

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Final Thoughts

Colossal Splash Ink & Win looks set to be an exciting addition to Light & Wonder’s portfolio. With its unique features like the Colossal Mystery Symbol and the Ink & Win bonus, it offers a fresh take on the underwater theme. The multiple RTP versions and high win potential make it an attractive option for a wide range of players.

Remember, while the game can be thrilling, always play responsibly and within your means. Set your limits before you start playing, and never chase your losses. Happy spinning!


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