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If you’re looking for some seriously innovative and thrilling online slots, you’ve got to check out NoLimit City. As a slots creator and player with over two decades of experience in the industry, I can confidently say that this game provider is making waves in the online casino industry.

Brief overview of NoLimit City

NoLimit City is a relatively young company compared to some of the big names out there, but don’t let that fool you. They’ve been around since 2014 and have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the online slots space.

No Limit City Slots Developer Logo and Brand name

The company’s focus on innovative online slots

What sets NoLimit City apart from the crowd is their laser-focus on creating unique, engaging, and downright thrilling online slots. 

They’re not interested in rehashing the same old themes and mechanics. Instead, they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in online slots, and boy, is it exciting.

Company Background

To really appreciate what NoLimit City brings to the table, it’s important to understand a bit about their history and where they come from.

History and milestones

Founded in 2014

Nolimit City was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced professionals from the gambling industry. These folks had a vision for creating truly innovative online slots, and they’ve been working tirelessly to make that vision a reality.

Key partnerships and expansions

Over the years, Nolimit City has formed partnerships with some of the biggest names in the online casino industry. They’ve also expanded their reach by obtaining licenses in multiple jurisdictions, allowing them to offer their games to players all over the world.

Acquisition by Evolution in 2022

In a major milestone for the company, Nolimit City was acquired by Evolution Gaming in 2022 for a whopping €340 million. This acquisition is a testament to the incredible work this game developer has been doing and the potential they have for continued growth and innovation.

Offices and locations

Nolimit City’s headquarters are located on the beautiful island of Malta. Malta is an important hub for online gaming companies, thanks to its favorable regulations and thriving tech scene.

In addition to their Malta headquarters, Nolimit City has development teams in Stockholm, Sweden, and Gurugram, India. This global presence allows them to tap into a wide pool of talent and bring diverse perspectives to their games.

Licenses and regulations

Nolimit City is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most respected regulatory bodies in the online gaming industry. 

The company is also licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which is known for its rigorous standards and player protection measures.

Apart from Malta and the UK, it has also obtained additional licenses in Romania, Lithuania, Italy, and Portugal, allowing them to offer their games to players in these regulated markets.

NoLimit City’s Slot Game Portfolio

Now, let’s get to the good stuff; the games. Nolimit City has an impressive portfolio of online slots that are unlike anything else out there.

Nolimit City’s game library is all about quality over quantity. They focus on creating slots that are innovative, engaging, and packed with exciting features.

Approximately 50 unique titles

At the time of writing, this slots provider has around 50 unique slot titles in their portfolio. While this may seem small compared to some other providers, each game is carefully crafted and offers something truly special.

Notable games and features

San Quentin xWays

One of Nolimit City’s standout games is San Quentin xWays. This prison-themed slot features the exciting xWays mechanic, which can expand the reels up to a massive 243,648 ways to win.

Deadwood xNudge

Deadwood is another fan-favorite. This Wild West-themed slot introduces the xNudge mechanic, where wild symbols can nudge to fill entire reels and increase a multiplier with each nudge.

Fire in the Hole xBomb

Fire in the Hole is a mining-themed slot that features the xBomb mechanic. This explosive feature can remove neighboring symbols and increase multipliers for even bigger wins.


Mental is a horror-themed slot that showcases Nolimit City’s creativity and willingness to push boundaries. With creepy visuals and unique features like the Spider Trap and Autopsy Free Spins, this game is not for the faint of heart.

Snapshot of No Limit City website showing a sample of the slots they offer

Unique mechanics and gameplay elements


The xNudge mechanic, featured in games like Deadwood, is a prime example of Nolimit City’s innovation. This feature makes wild symbols even more exciting by adding multipliers and the ability to nudge and fill entire reels.


The xWays mechanic, showcased in games like San Quentin, adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay. This feature expands the reels and increases the ways to win, leading to some truly massive payouts.

Combining xNudge and xWays for enhanced gameplay

In some games, like Pixies vs Pirates, they combine the xNudge and xWays mechanics for even more thrilling gameplay and win potential.

Themes and graphics

Nolimit City’s slots cover a wide range of themes, from classic fruit machines to more unique and daring concepts like horror and prison breaks.

No matter the theme, their slots always feature stunning graphics and immersive designs that draw players into the game world.

Mobile compatibility

All of Nolimit City’s games are built using HTML5 technology, which means they can be played seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. No matter how you like to play, you can enjoy these innovative slots on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

NoLimit City’s Platform and Technology

Alright, let’s talk about the tech behind these incredible slots. The company has invested a lot of time and resources into creating a powerful platform that can handle the demands of modern online gaming.

Nolimit City’s Proprietary platform 

One of the key strengths of this slots provider is their proprietary platform. This isn’t some off-the-shelf solution, but a custom-built platform that they’ve been refining and improving over the years. 

This means they have complete control over every aspect of their games, from the math models to the visual effects.

Nolimit City’s platform is designed with three main priorities in mind: flexibility, performance, and security.

  • Flexibility: The platform is built to be modular and adaptable, so they can easily create new game and features without starting from scratch every time.
  • Performance: With optimized code and server infrastructure, their games run smoothly and reliably, even under heavy load.
  • Security: The platform incorporates state-of-the-art security measures to protect both players and operators, ensuring fair play and secure transactions.

Cloud deployment options

Another advantage of Nolimit City’s platform is its cloud-readiness. They offer flexible deployment options, so their games can be easily integrated into an operator’s existing infrastructure, whether it’s fully cloud-based or a hybrid setup.

Integration through API and JavaScript bundle

For operators, integrating Nolimit City’s games is a breeze. They provide a simple yet powerful API (Application Programming Interface) that handles all the communication between the game and the operator’s back-end systems.

Plus, they offer a pre-built JavaScript bundle that takes care of all the client-side functionality, so operators don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or browser quirks.

Promotions and Marketing Tools

Nolimit City offer a range of promotional and marketing tools to help operators get the most out of their games.

Flexible promotional tools for operators

Each online casino is different, with their own unique player base and marketing strategies. That’s why Nolimit City have built a flexible promotional toolkit that can be adapted to suit any operator’s needs.

Whether you want to run free spins campaigns, tournaments, or custom promotions tied to specific game events, their platform has you covered. You can set up and manage these promotions through their intuitive back-office interface, without needing any special technical skills.

Real-time data and custom services

Of course, to run effective promotions, you need data and Nolimit City provides plenty of it. Their platform can feed real-time game data to your back-end systems, so you can track player behavior, monitor performance, and make informed decisions about your promotions.

And if you have specific data requirements or integration needs, their team offer custom development services to ensure their platform works seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.

Ready-to-use toolbox for feature-triggering promotions

One of the most powerful promotional tools in Nolimit City’s arsenal is their feature-triggering system. This allows you to set up promotions that are triggered by specific events within the game, such as a player hitting a certain win threshold or triggering a bonus round.

This kind of context-sensitive promotion can be incredibly effective at boosting player engagement and retention. And with No Limit City’s ready-to-use toolbox, setting up these promotions is a snap – no custom development required.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As with any game provider, Nolimit City has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take an honest look at both sides of the coin.


Innovative and engaging slot mechanics

One of Nolimit City’s biggest strengths is their ability to create truly unique and engaging slot mechanics. Features like xNudge, xWays, and xBomb add a whole new level of excitement and potential to their games.

These mechanics aren’t just gimmicks, either. They fundamentally change the way the game is played, creating more opportunities for big wins and keeping players on the edge of their seats.

High-quality graphics and immersive themes

Another area where Nolimit City excels is in the quality of their graphics and the immersiveness of their themes. From the gritty realism of San Quentin to the quirky humor of Punk Rocker, each game has its own distinct personality.

The attention to detail in the artwork is outstanding, and the animations are smooth and engaging. You can tell that a lot of care and creativity goes into designing each game’s visual style.

Flexible platform and marketing tools

As we discussed earlier, No limit City’s proprietary platform is a major asset. Its flexibility and robust feature set make it easy for operators to integrate and promote the games effectively.

The range of marketing and promotional tools available is particularly impressive, allowing operators to create targeted, event-driven promotions that really engage players.

Strong licenses and regulatory compliance

Finally, Nolimit City’s commitment to regulatory compliance and responsible gaming is a significant strength. They hold licenses in various jurisdictions, which demonstrates their dedication to creating fair, secure, and ethically sound gaming experiences.

Players can trust that their games are regularly audited and held to the highest standards.


Limited game library compared to larger providers

While the quality of No Limit City’s games is undeniable, their quantity is somewhat limited compared to some of the larger, more established providers. With around 50 titles currently available, they don’t offer the same breadth of choice as providers with hundreds of games.

However, it’s worth noting that Nolimit City is still a relatively young company, and their focus seems to be on quality over quantity. As they continue to grow and mature, we can expect to see their library expand.

No table games or live casino offerings

Another potential weakness of this slots provider is that they currently focuses exclusively on slots. They don’t offer any table games or live casino options.

Again, this may change in the future as the company grows and diversifies. But for now, if you’re looking for a wide range of game types, No Limit City may not be the best fit.

Final Verdict

Nolimit City has established itself as a major player in the online slots industry. Despite being a relatively young company, they’ve made a big impact with their innovative mechanics, high-quality production values, and commitment to fair and responsible gaming.

Their acquisition by Evolution Gaming in 2022 is a testament to their success and potential for future growth. 

As they continue to expand their game library and partner with more operators, their influence in the industry is only likely to grow.

If you’re a slots enthusiast looking for something fresh, exciting, and potentially lucrative, Nolimit City’s games are definitely worth checking out. Their unique mechanics and immersive themes offer a gaming experience that’s quite unlike anything else out there.

While their game selection may be a bit limited compared to some larger providers, the quality of each title is outstanding. And with their games available at a growing number of reputable online casinos, it’s easier than ever to give them a spin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Nolimit City slots unique?

Nolimit City slots stand out for their innovative mechanics, high-quality graphics, and immersive themes. Features like xNudge, xWays, and xBomb add unique twists to the gameplay and increase the potential for big wins.

Are Nolimit City slots fair and secure?

Yes, Nolimit City is licensed by reputable regulators like the MGA and UKGC, which ensure that their games are fair, secure, and regularly audited. They also use advanced encryption technologies to protect player data and transactions.

Can I play Nolimit City slots on my mobile device?

Absolutely. All of Nolimit City’s games are built using HTML5 technology, which means they can be played seamlessly on any modern mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. The games are optimized for mobile play and offer the same high-quality experience as on desktop.

Some of the most popular Nolimit City slots include:

  • San Quentin xWays
  • Deadwood xNudge
  • Fire in the Hole xBomb
  • Punk Rocker
  • Tombstone

Each of these games showcases Nolimit City’s innovative mechanics and immersive themes in different ways.

How does Nolimit City’s xNudge mechanic work?

The xNudge mechanic, featured in games like Deadwood, causes wild symbols to nudge to fill the entire reel and increase a multiplier with each nudge. This can lead to significant wins, especially when multiple xNudge wilds appear on the reels.

What is the average Return to Player (RTP) for Nolimit City slots?

The RTP for Nolimit City slots varies from game to game, but most of their titles have an RTP in the range of 96-97%. This is in line with industry standards and indicates that these games offer fair and reasonable returns to players over time.

It’s always a good idea to check the specific RTP of a game before playing, as this information is readily available in the game rules or paytable.


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