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Thunderkick, is a relatively new slots game provider that has been making waves in the industry since 2012. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this young company has quickly gained a reputation for creating high-quality, unique slots.

In this article we give you a detailed analysis of who Thunderkick is and why their slots have become so popular with online casino players.

Founded by a group of experienced gaming professionals, Thunderkick’s mission is to revolutionize the online slots market with games that are as fun to play as they are visually stunning. Despite being a smaller provider compared to some of the giants in the industry, Thunderkick has already amassed an impressive portfolio of over 50 slots, each with its own distinct theme and features.

From the vibrant graphics to the immersive soundtracks, every element of a Thunderkick slot is designed to transport you to another world.

But don’t just take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. Thunderkick’s games are available at over 100 online casinos worldwide, and they’ve racked up numerous awards and accolades over the years. 

In 2017 alone, they took home the ‘Best Low Volatility Game’ award for their slot Frog Grog and the ‘Best Mobile Game of the Year’ award for Flame Busters at the Videoslots Awards.

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Thunderkick’s Approach to Slot Game Development

Thunderkick keeps every aspect of its game development in-house from start to finish. This ensures a certain level of quality and consistency since the company has full control over every part of the development process. As such, they can ensure that each game meets their high standards for gameplay, graphics, and overall user experience.

In-house production also allows for greater creativity and innovation. Without the constraints of working with outside partners, Thunderkick’s team has the freedom to experiment with new ideas for online slots. This is evident in the unique themes and features found in many of their games, from the ‘Avalanche’ mechanic in Esqueleto Explosivo to the multi-level bonus round in Flame Busters.

Focus on Innovation

Innovation is at the core of everything Thunderkick does. From the moment they first entered the market, they’ve been dedicated to creating slots that are unlike anything else out there.

One way they achieve this is by focusing on storytelling and immersion. Many of Thunderkick’s slots feature rich, detailed worlds that draw you in from the very first spin. Take Birds on a Wire, for example. This charming slot follows a group of birds perched on electrical wires, with each spin sending a jolt of electricity through the lines and transforming the birds into new symbols. It’s a simple concept, but one that’s executed flawlessly thanks to the game’s stunning artwork and lively animations.

Thunderkick also isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. In fact, many of their most popular games are ones that break the mold in some way. Frog Grog, for instance, doesn’t have any traditional paylines at all. Instead, wins are based on clusters of matching symbols, with each winning cluster ‘exploding’ and allowing new symbols to drop into place. It’s a unique twist on the classic slot formula, and one that’s proven to be a hit with players.

Commitment to Fairness and Security

While innovation and creativity are important, they mean nothing if a slot provider can’t be trusted to deliver a fair and secure gaming experience. Fortunately, Thunderkick takes this responsibility very seriously.

All of Thunderkick’s games are licensed and regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. These organizations have strict standards for fairness and player protection, and they regularly audit Thunderkick’s games to ensure that they’re operating properly.

In addition, Thunderkick’s games are certified by independent testing labs like Quinel, who put each slot through rigorous testing to ensure that the random number generator (RNG) is functioning correctly and that the game is free from any bugs or glitches that could affect the outcome.

As a player, this means you can enjoy Thunderkick’s games with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a fair shot at winning every time you spin. And with the added security of playing at a licensed and regulated online casino, which Thunderkick partners up with, you can focus on the fun and excitement of the games.

With their commitment to quality, creativity, and fairness, it’s no wonder that Thunderkick has quickly become a favorite among players and casino operators alike. Now, let’s take a look at their slots library.

Thunderkick’s Slot Game Portfolio

Game Features and Mechanics

One of the first things you’ll notice about Thunderkick’s games is the sheer variety of themes on offer. From the quirky and cartoonish to the dark and mysterious, there’s something for every taste and preference. 

Take Flame Busters, for example. This 80s-inspired slot transports you to a world of pixelated firefighters and burning buildings, complete with a synth-heavy soundtrack that’ll have you nodding your head along as you spin.

Thunderkick’s games are also packed with innovative features and mechanics that keep the gameplay fresh. Many of their slots offer unique twists on traditional bonus rounds, such as the multi-level free spins game in Flame Busters or the ‘Inwinity Spin’ feature in Fruit Warp, which guarantees a win after a certain number of spins.

Other games, like Esqueleto Explosivo, use a ‘tumbling reels’ mechanic that lets you chain together multiple wins in a single spin. Every time you hit a winning combination, the symbols involved explode and disappear, allowing new ones to fall into place and potentially create even more wins. 

Of course, no discussion of Thunderkick’s game features would be complete without mentioning their signature ‘Avalanche’ mechanic. First introduced in Esqueleto Explosivo, this feature has become a staple of many of their games, including popular titles like Flame Busters and Dragon Horn. Like the tumbling reels mechanic, Avalanche lets you chain together multiple wins in a single spin but with the added bonus of increasing multipliers that can lead to some truly massive payouts.

Let’s take a look at some of Thunderkick’s popular slots.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2

One of Thunderkick’s most beloved games, Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is a sequel to the original slot that started it all. Set in a vibrant Day of the Dead celebration, this game features a 5×3 grid with 99 paylines and a ‘dropping symbols’ mechanic that lets you chain together multiple wins in a single spin.

But the real star of the show is the Mucho Multiplier feature, which can multiply your winnings by up to 32x during the base game and a whopping 64x during the free spins round. 

With a maximum payout of over 5,000 times your stake, Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is a medium-volatility game, but if you’re lucky enough to trigger the bonus round, the rewards can be truly explosive.

Pink Elephants 2

Another sequel to a popular Thunderkick game, Pink Elephants 2 takes you on a psychedelic journey through a mysterious forest filled with colorful creatures and plenty of chances to win big.

This game features a 6×4 grid with 4,096 ways to win, as well as a host of bonus features like Mystery Scatter symbols and a free spins round with increasing multipliers.

The highlight of Pink Elephants 2 is the Bonus Game, which is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols. During this round, you’ll help the pink elephants cast magical orbs onto the reels, transforming symbols and increasing your chances of hitting big wins. 

With a maximum payout of 10,000 times your stake, this high-volatility game is perfect for players who like their slots with a whole lot of win potential.

Midas Golden Touch

If you’re in the mood for something a little more traditional, Midas Golden Touch might be just the slot for you. This 5×3 game features 15 paylines and a classic Greek mythology theme, with symbols like harps, vases, and the legendary King Midas himself.

Midas Golden Touch includes a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create winning combinations, as well as a scatter symbol that can trigger a free spins round with up to 20 free spins. During this round, any wild symbol that lands on the reels will remain sticky for the duration of the feature, increasing your chances of hitting those coveted winning combinations.

Flame Busters

Flame Busters is a unique and innovative slot that takes you back to the 8-bit era of video games. Featuring pixelated graphics and a catchy chiptune soundtrack, this game puts you in the shoes of a firefighter tasked with putting out fires and rescuing civilians from burning buildings.

But there’s more to Flame Busters than just its retro charm. The game features a unique ‘Fire Drill’ feature that can randomly trigger on any spin, turning up to five symbols into Fire symbols that can substitute for any other symbol to create winning combinations. And if you’re lucky enough to land three or more scatter symbols, you’ll trigger a multi-level bonus game where you can earn up to 20 free spins with increasing multipliers.

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire is a charming and lighthearted slot that takes place on a set of telephone wires, with a variety of colorful birds perched on the lines. The game features a 5×3 grid with 17 fixed paylines.

Birds on a Wire has a ‘Free Spins’ feature, which is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. During this round, you’ll be awarded 10 to 20 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols you landed. And if you’re really lucky, you might even trigger the ‘Inwinity Spin’ feature, which keeps the free spins going until you hit a winning combination.

But perhaps the most unique feature of Birds on a Wire is the way winning combinations are formed. Rather than traditional paylines, the game uses a ‘Win Both Ways’ mechanic, which means that winning combinations can start from either the leftmost or rightmost reel and pay out in both directions. 

Slot Game Volatility and RTP

If you’re not aware of Volatility and RTP, let me explain them quickly, as these are two of the most important factors to consider when playing online slots. 

Volatility refers to the level of risk involved in playing a particular game. It basically means how often a slots game pays out. Some payout small quantities often, while others (high-volatility) pay out less frequently but usually higher amounts.

RTP % on the other hand is the percentage of all money wagered on the game that is paid back out to players over time. 

In terms of volatility, most of Thunderkick’s games fall into the medium to high range. This means that while you might experience some dry spells between wins, the payouts tend to be larger when they do come. High-volatility games like Pink Elephants 2 and Esqueleto Explosivo 2 are particularly well-suited for players who enjoy the thrill of chasing big wins, even if it means taking on a bit more risk.

As for RTP, Thunderkick’s games are generally quite competitive, with most titles offering percentages in the range of 96-97%. This means that for every $100 wagered on a particular game, players can expect to receive back around $96-$97 on average over the long run. With that said, it’s important to remember that RTP is a theoretical percentage based on millions of spins, and individual gaming sessions can vary widely.

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Thunderkick’s Mobile Compatibility

Thunderkick has made sure to keep up with the times by optimizing all of their games for play on smartphones and tablets.

Their HTML5 technology ensures that Thunderkick’s entire portfolio of games is fully compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including both iOS and Android systems. This means that you can play Thunderkick slots without having to download any additional software or apps.

Thunderkick’s commitment to mobile gaming, however, goes beyond just basic compatibility. Each of their games is carefully designed with mobile play in mind, with intuitive touch controls and layouts that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and orientations. Whether you prefer to play in landscape or portrait mode, you can expect a smooth and immersive gaming experience that’s optimized for your device.

Of course, as with any mobile game, the quality of your experience will depend on factors like your device’s specs and your internet connection speed. But in general, Thunderkick’s games run smoothly and look great on even older or lower-end devices.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Thunderkick Slots

Now, let’s take a closer look at both the strengths and the weaknesses of Thunderkick’s slots, to help you better understand whether their games are right for you.


One of the biggest strengths of Thunderkick’s slot games is their creativity and innovation. Unlike some providers who seem content to churn out the same old tired concepts again and again, Thunderkick is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with online slots. From unique themes and storylines to inventive bonus features and mechanics, their games are designed to stand out from the crowd and offer players something truly special.

Another major selling point of Thunderkick’s games is their exceptional production value. Every aspect of their slots, from the graphics and animations to the sound effects and music, is carefully crafted. Whether you’re exploring a haunted mansion in Barber Shop or blasting off into space in Rocket Fellas Inc., you’ll be amazed at the level of detail and polish that goes into each game.

Many of their games offer high-volatility gameplay with the potential for big wins, as well as a variety of bonus features like free spins, multipliers, and mini-games that can take your winnings to the next level.

Finally, as we’ve already discussed, Thunderkick is committed to providing a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment for all players. With licenses from respected authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, as well as certification from independent testing labs, you can trust that Thunderkick’s games are always above-board and unbiased.


While there’s a lot to love about Thunderkick’s slot games, no provider is perfect. One potential weakness of Thunderkick’s portfolio is its relatively limited size compared to some of the larger providers out there. With around 50 games currently available, their selection may not be as diverse as what you’ll find from other industry giants.

Another potential issue with some of Thunderkick’s older games is that they may not offer the same level of win potential as more modern releases. While high volatility is a hallmark of many of their titles, when playing some of their older games we have noticed that the actual payouts can feel a bit underwhelming compared to the level of risk involved.

Newer games like Pink Elephants 2 and Midas Golden Touch seem to offer much more generous maximum wins, with the potential to score payouts of 10,000x your stake or more.

Final Verdict on Thunderkick Slots

So, what’s the final word on Thunderkick as a slot game provider? Based on everything we’ve covered in this article, it’s clear that they have a lot to offer players who are looking for something fresh, exciting, and innovative in their online slots play.

Thunderkick has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most promising up-and-coming game providers in the industry. Their games are visually stunning, rich in features, and quite entertaining. And with a constantly growing lineup of new games and features, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have questions about Thunderkick and their slot games? Here are some common queries we see from players:

Are Thunderkick slots safe and fair to play?

Absolutely! As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, Thunderkick is fully licensed and regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. These are two of the most respected authorities in the online gambling industry, known for their strict standards and player protection measures.

In addition, all of Thunderkick’s games are regularly tested and certified by independent labs like Quinel to ensure that they are fair and unbiased. That means you can trust that every spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG), with no way for the casino or the game provider to influence the outcome.

Can I play Thunderkick slots on my mobile device?

Yes, you can. All of Thunderkick’s games are built using HTML5 technology, which means they’re fully optimized for mobile play on both iOS and Android devices. Whether you prefer to play on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy the same great graphics, features, and gameplay as you would on a desktop computer.

To play Thunderkick slots on your mobile device, simply visit a mobile-friendly online casino, find the games in their lobby, and start spinning. And if you’re not ready to play for real money, you can also try out Thunderkick’s games for free in demo mode at many casinos.

What types of bonus features can I expect in Thunderkick slots?

One of the things that sets Thunderkick apart from other game providers is their creativity when it comes to bonus features. While you’ll find plenty of classic features like free spins and wild symbols in their games, they also offer a variety of unique twists and innovations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Some examples of the types of bonus features you can expect in Thunderkick slots include:

  • Mystery Reels/Symbols – In games like Pink Elephants, mystery symbols and reels can transform into high-paying symbols to create big wins.
  • Avalanche/Cascading Wins – Many Thunderkick slots, like Esqueleto Explosivo, offer a ‘Cascading Wins’ or ‘Avalanche’ feature where winning combinations disappear and new symbols fall into their place, potentially creating even more wins.
  • Unlockable Features – Some games, like Cosmic Voyager, allow you to unlock new features and bonuses as you progress through the game.
  • Interactive Mini-Games – Slots like Rocket Fellas Inc. feature interactive mini-games where you can make choices and influence the outcome of the bonus round.
  • Multiplier Trails – Games like Jaguar Temple have a multiplier trail feature where your multiplier increases with each consecutive win, up to a maximum of 20x!

We always recommend you check out the paytable and bonus information of each slots games before you start playing with real money, to see what kind of surprises are in store.

Are Thunderkick slots available in my country?

Thunderkick games are available in many countries around the world, however, it’s important to note that online gambling laws can vary widely from country to country, and even from state to state within countries like the United States. Some jurisdictions may have restrictions on certain types of games, or may only allow players to access online casinos that are licensed and regulated by local authorities.

To find out whether Thunderkick games are available in your country, your best bet is to check with your local online casinos or regulatory bodies. You can also visit Thunderkick’s official website and check their list of licensed operators in your region. 

How often does Thunderkick release new slot games?

As a relatively small game studio, Thunderkick is known for their quality over quantity approach when it comes to releasing new slot games. Thunderkick typically releases just a handful of carefully crafted games annually. That said, Thunderkick has been ramping up their production in recent years, and as they continue to grow and expand, you can expect to see even more exciting games added to their portfolio on a regular basis.

To stay up to date on the latest Thunderkick releases, be sure to bookmark this page as we list all their new slots and review them. 


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