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If you like playing online slots, chances are you came across a game by Yggdrasil Gaming. This innovative provider has been making waves in the online casino industry since its founding in 2013.

In just a few years, Yggdrasil has racked up an impressive list of awards and recognitions. They’ve been named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the International Gaming Awards for five consecutive years (2017-2021) and have taken home the ‘Slot Provider of the Year’ title at the EGR B2B Awards in 2017 and 2021. 

Logo of Yggdrasil Gaming slots provider

Yggdrasil’s slot game offerings are diverse and exciting, with themes ranging from ancient mythology to modern adventures. Some of their most popular titles include Vikings Go Berzerk, Valley of the Gods, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, and Multifly!

Yggdrasil’s Innovative Technologies

Yggdrasil have developed several proprietary technologies that enhance the player experience and make their games stand out from the crowd.

iSENSE 2.0

Yggdrasil’s iSENSE 2.0 is an HTML5 framework that ensures their games look and perform beautifully across all devices. With iSENSE 2.0, players can enjoy the same high-quality visuals and smooth gameplay whether they’re playing on desktop, mobile, or tablet. 

This cross-platform compatibility is crucial in today’s mobile-first online gambling preference, where more and more players are enjoying their favorite slots on the go.


Yggdrasil’s BOOST tools are designed to increase player engagement and retention. These in-game promotional tools include:

  • Tournaments: Players compete against each other for prizes based on their performance in a selected game or games.
  • Missions: Players complete specific tasks or challenges within a game to earn rewards.
  • Prize Drops: Random cash prizes are awarded to players as they spin, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

BOOST tools are available to all Yggdrasil partner casinos, and they’ve been proven to drive player activity and loyalty.

GATI (Game Adaptation Tools and Interfaces)

GATI is a game development platform that allows Yggdrasil partners to create and distribute their own games using a standardized toolkit. 

This means that third-party studios can quickly and easily develop content that is compliant with regulations in multiple jurisdictions. 

GATI also enables faster game launches and more efficient distribution across Yggdrasil’s partner network.

YGG Forge

YGG Forge is Yggdrasil’s game development toolkit, designed to streamline the creation process and foster collaboration between teams. With YGG Forge, developers can rapidly prototype new ideas, communicate seamlessly with other departments, and ensure consistent quality across all games. 

This toolkit is just one more way that Yggdrasil is working to bring innovative, engaging content to players faster than ever before.

Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs)

Yggdrasil’s Game Engagement Mechanics, or GEMs as they call them, are special features that add unique twists to the gameplay and keep players coming back for more. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting mechanics:


DoubleMax is a feature that doubles the multiplier with every consecutive win, leading to massive potential payouts. There’s no limit to how high the multiplier can go, so players can watch their winnings soar with each cascading victory. 

DoubleMax is the star of Raptor DoubleMax, a prehistoric-themed slot that showcases this thrilling mechanic.


DuoMax takes the traditional single multiplier and splits it into two. These dual multipliers are placed on either side of the reels, enabling wins from both left-to-right and right-to-left combinations. 


FastPot5 is a collection of five rapid-fire jackpots that can be triggered at any time. These jackpots are typically tied to specific symbols or events within the game. 


As the name suggests, GigaBlox is all about big symbols and even bigger wins. This mechanic causes oversized symbols to land on the reels, often in 2×2, 3×3, or even 6×6 configurations. 

When these colossal symbols line up just right, players can score massive payouts. GigaBlox adds a new level of anticipation to every spin.


GigaRise is a unique mechanic that allows symbols to increase the height of the reels they land on, leading to more ways to win. 

These expandable reels can reach impressive heights, with some games offering up to 1 million ways to win when all reels are fully expanded. 


MultiMax is all about multipliers that accumulate on individual reels. With each winning spin, the multipliers on the reels containing winning symbols are applied to the payout. This means that players can benefit from multiple multipliers at once, leading to some juicy wins.


Splitz is a mystery symbol mechanic that can split into multiple identical symbols. These symbols can split into 2, 3, 4, or even more copies of themselves, leading to extra-long winning combinations.

Splitz is a fun and unpredictable feature that keeps players guessing.


TopHit adds an extra horizontal reel above the main game grid, creating new opportunities for wins. Symbols that land in the top reel can trigger special features, such as transforming symbols into wilds or activating bonus rounds. 

TopHit is a creative way to add an extra dimension to the gameplay.


WildEnergy is a mechanic that combines sticky wilds with respins. When a wild symbol with an energy counter lands on the reels, it triggers a respin and remains in place. With each subsequent respin, the WildEnergy counter decreases until it reaches zero. This feature can lead to multiple respins and huge payouts.

Wild Fight

Wild Fight is a battle mechanic that turns high-paying symbols into wilds when they ‘defeat’ an opponent. This feature adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, as players never know which symbols will transform or how many wilds they’ll end up with. 

Yggdrasil’s Top-Performing Slots

Yggdrasil has created some of the most memorable and entertaining slots in the online casino industry. Their games are known for their innovative features. Here are three of their top-performing titles.

Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berzerk is the sequel to Yggdrasil’s wildly popular Vikings Go Wild slot. 

This 5-reel, 25-payline game features a band of fierce Viking warriors. The star of the show is the Ragnarok Free Spins feature, which is triggered by landing 3 or more Free Spin symbols. During this bonus round, players can collect Rage points to turn Viking symbols into sticky wilds, leading to massive winning potential. 

With its stunning 3D graphics, immersive soundtrack, and exciting gameplay, Vikings Go Berzerk is a must-try for any slots enthusiast.

Valley of the Gods

This 5-reel slot starts with 45 ways to win, but as players collect scarab symbols, they’ll unlock additional reel positions, eventually expanding the grid to a massive 5×5 format with 3,125 ways to win. 

The game also features re-spins and multipliers, which can lead to impressive payouts. With its unique mechanics and captivating theme, Valley of the Gods offers a fresh and exciting take on the classic Egyptian slot genre.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Holmes and the Stolen Stones, is based on the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. This is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot which features five local progressive jackpots. All jackpots be won during the Free Spins bonus game. 

To trigger the bonus, players must collect five Shilling symbols. During the Free Spins, players collect gems to fill meters and win the corresponding jackpots. 

Sample of slots provided by Yggdrasil slots developer

Yggdrasil’s Global Presence

Yggdrasil may be a relatively young company, but they’ve already established a strong global presence in the online casino industry. Their games are licensed and regulated in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring that players can enjoy them safely and securely.

Some of the key markets where Yggdrasil operates include:

  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Spain

In addition to their licensed operations, Yggdrasil has also formed partnerships with some of the world’s leading online casinos. Their games can be found at top-tier operators such as 888 Casino, LeoVegas, Betsson, and many more. 

These partnerships are a testament to the quality and popularity of Yggdrasil’s slots.

Another factor contributing to Yggdrasil’s global success is their commitment to localization. Their games are available in over 30 languages, making them accessible to players from all around the world. 

This attention to detail ensures that players can enjoy Yggdrasil slots in their native language, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Mobile Compatibility and Performance

Yggdrasil has made mobile optimization a top priority in all its slot games. Their games are designed to adapt to any screen size, ensuring that the visuals and gameplay remain sharp and immersive on all devices.

But Yggdrasil’s mobile-first approach goes beyond just responsive design. They’ve also optimized their games to minimize load times and reduce battery drain, so you can play for longer without interruption. 

Some of Yggdrasil’s most popular mobile slots include:

  • Baron Samedi
  • Mucho Macho
  • Champions of Rome
  • Nitro Circus
  • Cazino Cosmos

Yggdrasil’s Progressive Jackpots

For many players, the thrill of playing slots comes from the chance to win life-changing sums of money. Yggdrasil understands this and has created a range of progressive jackpot slots that offer the potential for massive payouts.

In a progressive jackpot slot, a small percentage of each bet is added to the jackpot pool. This means that the jackpot grows with every spin, often reaching eye-watering sums before it’s finally won. 

Yggdrasil offers both local and global progressive jackpots, giving players plenty of chances to strike it lucky.

Some of Yggdrasil’s most popular progressive jackpot slots include:

Jackpot Raiders

This Indiana Jones-inspired slot game features five progressive jackpots, which can be won by collecting specific symbols during the bonus game. With its exciting theme and generous jackpot potential, Jackpot Raiders is a fan favorite.

Ozwin’s Jackpots

In this enchanting slot, players join the wizard Ozwin on a magical journey through a mystical forest. The game features five local progressive jackpots, which can be won by filling meters with special gem symbols. 

With its whimsical artwork and engaging gameplay, Ozwin’s Jackpots is a charming addition to Yggdrasil’s jackpot lineup.

Empire Fortune

This game features three progressive jackpots, Empire Fortune, Gold, and Silver, which can be won by spinning a special jackpot wheel. With its lavish theme and massive winning potential, Empire Fortune is a true high-roller experience.

In addition to these popular titles, Yggdrasil has several other exciting progressive jackpot slots, including Joker Millions, which was the first progressive jackpot slot it launched, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, and Jokerizer. 

Pros and Cons of Yggdrasil Slots

In this section I outline what I believe to be Yggdrasil’s strongest assets and the areas where they can improve.


Innovative Features and Mechanics

One of the biggest advantages of Yggdrasil slots is their commitment to innovation. As we’ve seen throughout this article, Yggdrasil is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in online slots. 

Their unique Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs) like GigaBlox, Splitz, and MultiMax add exciting new dimensions to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and entertained.

Yggdrasil’s slots also often feature interactive bonus rounds, multipliers, and other special features that enhance the overall gaming experience. 

For players who are looking for something fresh and different, Yggdrasil’s innovative approach is a major selling point.

High-Quality Visuals and Immersive Themes

Another standout aspect of Yggdrasil slots is their exceptional visual quality. The company’s art team is truly top-tier, creating stunning graphics that bring each game’s theme to life. 

From the lush jungles of Multifly! to the neon-soaked streets of Neon Rush Splitz, every Yggdrasil slot is a feast for the eyes.

They also pay close attention to sound design, creating custom soundtracks and effects that perfectly match each game’s theme and atmosphere. The result is a truly engaging experience that draws players in.

Wide Range of Volatility and RTP Options

Yggdrasil offers a diverse selection of slots to suit every type of player. Whether you prefer high-volatility games with the potential for big wins or more balanced slots with frequent small payouts, you’ll find plenty of options in their catalog.

The company’s slots also offer a wide range of Return to Player (RTP) percentages, ranging from around 96% to over 97%. This means that players can choose games that fit their individual playing style and budget.


Limited Selection Compared to Some Providers

While Yggdrasil’s slot catalog is undeniably impressive, it’s not as extensive as some other providers. Companies like Microgaming and NetEnt have been around longer and have had more time to build up their libraries. 

However, it’s worth noting that the company is committed to quality over quantity, which means that every game they do release is polished and well-crafted.

Some Features May Be Confusing for New Players

Yggdrasil’s innovative mechanics and features are a big part of what makes their games so exciting. However, for new or casual players, some of these elements may be a bit overwhelming at first. 

Games like Vikings Go Berzerk and Multifly! have a lot of moving parts, and it may take a few spins for players to fully grasp how everything works.

That being said, Yggdrasil does provide detailed instructions and paytables for each game, so players can always refer to these resources if they’re feeling lost. 

Final Verdict on Yggdrasil Gaming

From their cutting-edge Game Engagement Mechanics to their stunning visuals and immersive themes, Yggdrasil consistently delivers top-quality gaming experiences that are innovative and fascinating for players. 

The company’s commitment to responsible gaming is also commendable, with a range of tools and resources in place to help players stay in control of their play. Add in their global reach, mobile-friendly design, and lucrative progressive jackpots, and it’s easy to see why Yggdrasil has become such a popular choice among slot enthusiasts.

So, should you give Yggdrasil a try? If you’re a slots fan looking for something fresh, exciting, and visually stunning, then absolutely. The company’s games offer a level of creativity and engagement that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

As for the future, it’s clear that Yggdrasil is showing no signs of slowing down. With new games, features, and partnerships on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be an Yggdrasil fan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Yggdrasil a reliable and trustworthy slot provider?

Yes, Yggdrasil is a highly respected and trustworthy provider in the online casino industry. The company is licensed in multiple jurisdictions, including Malta, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom, which means they are held to strict standards of fairness and security. Yggdrasil’s games are also regularly audited by independent third-party testing agencies to ensure that they are truly random and unbiased.

What types of slots does Yggdrasil offer?

Yggdrasil offers a wide variety of slot types to suit every taste. Their catalog includes:

  • Classic 3-reel slots
  • 5-reel video slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Megaways slots (in partnership with Big Time Gaming)

Some of Yggdrasil’s most popular titles include Vikings Go Berzerk, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Dwarf Mine, and Jackpot Raiders.

Are Yggdrasil slots mobile-friendly?

Yes, all of Yggdrasil’s slots are built using HTML5 technology, which means they can be played seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC, without any loss of quality or functionality.

The company also optimizes their games for mobile play, ensuring fast load times and smooth performance even on older devices. 

What is the average RTP and volatility of Yggdrasil slots?

Yggdrasil slots have an average RTP of around 96%, but some titles offer even higher returns. For example, Golden Fish Tank has an RTP of 96.8%, while Joker Millions boasts a 97% RTP.

As for volatility, Yggdrasil offers games at both ends of the spectrum. Low-volatility slots like Spiña Colada offer frequent small wins, while, on the other hand, high-volatility games like Multifly! and Raptor DoubleMax offer the potential for huge wins at a higher risk.

Can I play Yggdrasil slots for free?

Yes, most online casinos that offer Yggdrasil slots also provide free demo versions of the games. These demos allow you to play the game using virtual credits, giving you a chance to test out the features and mechanics without risking any real money.

Bear in mind that you won’t be able to win any real money prizes while playing in demo mode.


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