My name is Emma and I have been working in the online casino industry for over ten years. This has given me some unique insights into this space. I am also a big slots player, and I like to try all the new slots that come out. Always playing responsibly but I am lucky to be able to do this also for a living.

There are some pretty fantastic online slots out there which one can enjoy. Unfortunately there are quite a few sleazy casino websites which do not offer a fair deal to players, but there are also other super online casinos on which you can safely play without any problems.

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I created this website to help slots players like you keep updated on the best online slots that come out, and avoid the bad ones. after all you don’t want to waste your money on a crappy slots game do you? Thankfully I am not alone in this task. Some of my colleagues and friends help me out with the slot games reviews. After all there are quite a few new slots that come out every month.

I also review and suggest which are the most player friendly and legit slots sites where they can enjoy a fair gambling experience.

You’ll find some of the most in depth reviews and guides here, because unlike most other review sites, gambling at online casinos is a genuine interest of mine and I’m frequently playing in my spare time on all the casinos I review. So what you see is a completely fair and unbiased review based on my experiences.

If you’re new to the online casinos and, especially to online slots, then scroll through my blog articles, where I provide useful guides and tips which will help you understand better how online slots work and what to look out for. Hopefully it will help you avoid the many mistakes many newbies tend to make (including myself when I was just starting out).

If you ever need to contact me just hit me up here.

Enjoy my site, but keep in mind that online gambling is a hobby, so Play Safe and Play Wisely!